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Are all facilities and consultants available at all times?

At Premier Hospital our facilities are run on a 24/7 basis, meaning there will always be a specialist or consultant to attend to the patient.

Is there a 24-hour accidents and emergency unit available?

Yes, we have a 24-hour accident and emergency unit at the hospital. This unit will have doctors and specialists round the clock for the assistance and treatment of patients coming in.

What is the mode of admission?

At the first point of communication at our admission desk, our executives will assist you in any way possible to help you with all details regarding admission, number of beds and other details.

What facilities are made available?

Premier Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital, offering a wide range of treatments for all major problems. We have a wide range of speciality units at the hospital capable of treating from a minor fever to cancer.

Will there someone present to guide me through the required treatments and finances involved?

Absolutely. Our executives and other medical staff will help you as a guide in understanding the treatments involved as well as the finances.

will y mediclaim policy be accepted at Premier Hospital?

Procedure for discharge
The responsible consultant or specialist makes an entry for the patient’s discharge. Once the discharge card is prepared, and the file sent for clearance, the final bill will be prepared. Once the payment is made and necessary medical protocols followed, the hospital will discharge the patient.

What are the common causes for childlessness?

Childlessness is a problem engulfing many families. Socially in our country, the blame is directed towards the wife, although both the husband and wife are responsible for it, meaning the problem could lie in either of them. In males the issue could be due to sperm count and poor or nil sperms. In females, the problems are related to egg formation, hormonal disturbances, blocked tube, endometriosis, TB and other known infections. On the other hand, in many couples there is no obvious cause for childlessness, but still cannot conceive.

Is IVF treatment expensive?

Treatments, as to what a person would need depending on their conditions are prioritised more than expenses. The treatments and their subsequent costs could vary on the extensivity of the procedure. We have plenty of cost effective treatments which are employed suiting the patient’s needs. the expensive treatments are usually required only for a small percentage of patients, like a test tube baby. But our recommendation is to not delay an IVF treatment on the basis of cost as age is a more important factor than cost for conception.

What is IVF or Test tube baby?

The fertilisation and early development process takes place in the fallopian tubes in female. In the case of a test-tube baby, the eggs are taken out using ultrasound into a test-tube and further fertilised using the husband’s sperm in an IVF lab. The growing embryo after its initial development is transferred back in the uterus. Further development then takes place as in the case of normal pregnancy. IVF treatments or test-tube baby has improved on giving hopes to families worldwide.

How many days of hospitalisation would be needed for IVF treatments?

With ICF treatments, there is no specific need to be hospitalised at all. Most of the procedures are conducted with 5-6 visits in one cycle.

Does it have a 100% success rate?

Unfortunately no. All procedures, no matter how advanced they can be, have their own limitations. On average the success rate is about 35% per cycle, which could increase upto 50% in 3-4 cycles.