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Pharmacist-1-3 years Experience

Roles & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  1. Verification of prescriptions by the patient in terms of patient name, UMR number description, dosage and quantity, and then entering in to the system towards patients.
  2. According to the FIFO method and will hand over the print out copy to pharmacy aid to take out the items.
  3. Always removing the items, will cross check the items physically along with indent and then handover to the helper for delivery at the ward level.
  4. Identify the expiries according to the system generation report and to the physical stock and will the pharmacy aid to remove from the stock, and after finally cross verify will be done.
  5. He has to report to the pharmacy in charge for any clarifications.

Lab Technician ,Mini 2 years Exp

Name DOJ
Designation Lab Technician Location Main Hospital
Department Lab Employee Status Trainee / Probation / Confirmed
Reporting To Lab -Incharge Date Last Reviewed

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Keep the Lab area sterile.

  • Observe the culture report and inform the concerned doctor.

  • According to the doctor /counselor advice, blood test, Urine Test and Swab Test to be done.

  • Cost estimate will be informed to the patient and ask them to pay the amount in billing section.

  • (In reception)

  • After receiving the payment receipt, the necessary test will be done.

  • Explaining the waiting time to the patients.

  • Attaching the report in case sheet and copy of the same to be given to the patient.

  • Preparing the stock details (Lab Consumables) and raising the indent based on requirements.

  • Monthly investigation report preparation.

* Responsibilities can be modified subject to necessity.

Employee Signature                                                            Head – Operations                                                                     Head – HR

F&B Cashier


Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Raising the Cash / Debit Card, Credit Cards bills accordingly as per the specification.

  • Handling and handing over the cash to the authorized person (HOD/ Accountant) properly.

  • At all point of time, physical cash should tally with records.

  • Making proper entries & accounting for Credit Cards, Cheque and International Currency.

  • Swiping Machine (Electronic Data Capture Machine) Settlement on daily basis at the closing of the day.

  • Coordination with Patients and F&B food supply.

  • Raising the bill against all cash received.

  • Preventing misuse of staff credit cards in cash counter.

  • Checking the currency received is genuine or fake notes and taking responsibility for the same. Use Fake Note Detector device provided by the management.

  • If any deviation in the above protocol, inform to the HOD / Accountant immediately.

Pharmacist-In charge


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The Pharmacy in-charge is responsible for the administration of OP Pharmacy.

  • He / She will manage the functioning of the entire pharmacy from the point of purchase till dispatch of medicines to the satellite pharmacies.

  • He / She will be a member of the purchase committee.

  • Will ensure drugs are purchased as per the hospital formulary.

  • Will do Vendor selection and vendor evaluation and market survey of products.

  • Will call for and receive quotations from different vendors and prepare the purchase orders.

  • Will finalize the quotation copies, after negotiations, and approval from the MD

  • Will ensure the dispensing of medications with clear instructions and correct labeling to patients.

  • He / she will be responsible for monitoring the separation, labeling and disposal of expiry / near expiry medicine as per the hospital policy.

  • He / she will be responsible to ensure that Narcotic drugs are kept under lock and key.

  • Will approve the duty roster of , O.P pharmacy,

  • Will check the Duty roster of the staff regularly and ensure that alternative arrangements are made for leaves or absenteeism.

  • Will train all new employees in the pharmacy, regarding his / her responsibilities, vision and mission of the hospital and the hospital work ethics.

  • Will fix the re-order level as per the monthly consumption and ensure that no medicine reaches the critical minimum level.

  • Will ensure that FIFO practice is followed while dispensing medicines from all pharmacies.

  • Will regularly tally the physical stock against the system stock in the OP pharmace

  • Will daily check the cash hand over register in the OP pharmacy and ensure that theft and pilferage do not occur.

  • He / she will audit the stock atOP Pharmacy.

  • Will prepare the Goods Receiving Note, when stocks are received.

  • Will co-ordinate with the audit department to ensure that the distributors get their payments in time.

  • Will co-ordinate with consultants, to ensure that required medicines are available in the pharmacy.

  • Will co-ordinate with the RMO and Nursing Superintendent to see that correct medicines are dispatched in time to wards and departments.

  • Will act as a liaison with nursing and medical staff concerning prescriptions orders, drugs and pharmaceutical details, patient reactions, errors and complaints.

  • Will ensure that all legal and statutory requirements of the department of pharmacy like, drug license, narcotic drug license, permit to store spirit etc, are available , displayed and regularly updated.