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Designer - 1-2 Years

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Knowledge in desktop publishing software, like Photoshop, Coral draw

  • Computer skills

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]

Pharmacist-In charge


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The Pharmacy in-charge is responsible for the administration of Central Pharmacy / I.P Pharmacy/ O.T store.

  • He / She will manage the functioning of the entire pharmacy from the point of purchase till dispatch of medicines to the satellite pharmacies.

  • He / She will be a member of the purchase committee.

  • Will ensure drugs are purchased as per the hospital formulary.

  • Will do Vendor selection and vendor evaluation and market survey of products.

  • Will call for and receive quotations from different vendors and prepare the purchase orders.

  • Will finalize the quotation copies, after negotiations, and approval from the MD

  • Will ensure the dispensing of medications with clear instructions and correct labeling to patients.

  • He / she will be responsible for monitoring the separation, labeling and disposal of expiry / near expiry medicine as per the hospital policy.

  • He / she will be responsible to ensure that Narcotic drugs are kept under lock and key.

  • Will approve the duty roster of I.P pharmacy, O.P pharmacy, O.T pharmacy and central pharmacy.

  • Will check the Duty roster of the staff regularly and ensure that alternative arrangements are made for leaves or absenteeism.

  • Will train all new employees in the pharmacy, regarding his / her responsibilities, vision and mission of the hospital and the hospital work ethics.

  • Will make purchases as per requirements and supply to OP and IP pharmacy

  • Will fix the re-order level as per the monthly consumption and ensure that no medicine reaches the critical minimum level.

  • Will ensure that FIFO practice is followed while dispensing medicines from all pharmacies.

  • Will regularly tally the physical stock against the system stock in the IP and OP pharmacies.

  • Will daily check the cash hand over register in the OP pharmacy and ensure that theft and pilferage do not occur.

  • He / she will audit the stock at Central Pharmacy / I.P Pharmacy / OP Pharmacy.

  • Will prepare the Goods Receiving Note, when stocks are received.

  • Will co-ordinate with the audit department to ensure that the distributors get their payments in time.

  • Will co-ordinate with consultants, to ensure that required medicines are available in the pharmacy.

  • Will co-ordinate with the RMO and Nursing Superintendent to see that correct medicines are dispatched in time to wards and departments.

  • Will act as a liaison with nursing and medical staff concerning prescriptions orders, drugs and pharmaceutical details, patient reactions, errors and complaints.

  • Will ensure that all legal and statutory requirements of the department of pharmacy like, drug license, narcotic drug license, permit to store spirit etc, are available , displayed and regularly updated.

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]

Pharmacist-1-3 years Experience

Roles & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  1. Verification of prescriptions by the patient in terms of patient name, UMR number description, dosage and quantity, and then entering in to the system towards patients.
  2. According to the FIFO method and will hand over the print out copy to pharmacy aid to take out the items.
  3. Always removing the items, will cross check the items physically along with indent and then handover to the helper for delivery at the ward level.
  4. Identify the expiries according to the system generation report and to the physical stock and will the pharmacy aid to remove from the stock, and after finally cross verify will be done.
  5. He has to report to the pharmacy in charge for any clarifications.

OT Technician-1-3 years Experience


Roles & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  1. Monitoring expiration dates as well as recommending procurement of supplies and equipment for various specialties
  2. Gathering appropriate supplies, equipment and instruments, checking equipment for suctioning and safety and opening sterile supplies.
  3. Assisting the surgical team with donning of self-gowns, surgical gowns, setting up the sterile field, assisting with draping the accounts and patient for all the surgical items.
  4. Maintaining and controlling all surgical supplies and equipment.
  5. Assisting in preparing operative site and assisting with the safe and proper positioning of patient on the table.
  6. Assisting in the patient’s transportation both to and from the operating room.
  7. Operating safely gas and steam autoclaves, electrical, and mechanical equipment.
  8. Passing instruments, supplies, and sutures to operative teams for any surgical specialty.

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]

OT Coordinator-2-5 years Experience


Roles & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  1. To take note of the patients admissions posted for surgery from the admission list.
  2. Check with recovery register / admission counter to find out any OP has been converted as IP.
  3. Call for the patient from the ward half an hour before the time of surgery in case of IP.
  4. Inform the consultant / Surgeons after obtaining information from the concerned Sister -in – charge that theatre is ready.
  5. Raise theatre duration intimation slip. Dispatch IP slip to billing department and OP slip to OP cash counter
  6. Ensure that bills are settled of those patients who have undergone surgeries as an OP.
  7. Raise investigation slips for recovery patients.
  8. Prepare OT list with details of patients posted for surgery next day and send it to typing pool.
  9. To ensure the list checked by OT Superintendent is typed and dispatched.
  10. Prepare OT done list.
  11. Update operation register.
  12. To place weekly indent for stationery items used in the recovery.

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Obtaining referrals and pre-authorizations as required for procedures.

  • Checking eligibility and benefits verification for treatments, hospitalizations, and procedures.

  • Reviewing patient bills for accuracy and completeness, and obtaining any missing information.

  • Preparing, reviewing, and transmitting claims using billing software, including electronic and paper claim processing.

  • Following up on unpaid claims within standard billing cycle timeframe.

  • Checking each cash & insurance payment for accuracy and compliance with contract discount.

  • Calling insurance companies regarding any discrepancy in payments if necessary

  • Identifying and billing secondary or tertiary insurances.

  • Reviewing accounts for insurance of patient follow-up.

  • Researching and appealing denied claims.

  • Answering all patient or insurance telephone inquiries pertaining to assigned accounts.

  • Setting up patient payment plans and work collection accounts.

  • Updating billing software with rate changes.

  • Updating cash spreadsheets, and running collection reports.

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]

MRD Executive-1-3 Exp (ICD-Coding)

Medical Records Department

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Making most of their knowledge in medical terminology and record analysis abilities to be able to offer useful contributions to the health care industry.

  • Carrying out all kind of medical record preparation and coding job for the health care organization he is working.

  • Fulfilling all the duties needed to be done in the medical record keeping and coding department; this includes everything from training to specialty ICD coding job.

  • Ensuring that all the medical facility forms have been made available and the medical database too is properly maintained.

  • Ensuring that the patients’ charts are properly designed and maintained: in short, he would keep all the records pertaining to the patient in an organized fashion for present and future use.

  • The medical records in charge shall periodically conduct physical inspection of the filing system. This shall include: Tallying of outstanding records, Appropriateness of filing system, Missing records, Cleanliness of filing area and pest control, Arrangements for movement of inactive files, 

  • The incharge should see all the insurance related work includes: As on issuing the case-sheets Xerox., Asking for the letter of the company., Consulting with hierarchy like medical superintendent for over all function.

  • The incharge should issue the death case sheets for the mortality meeting as per their requirements

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]

IP Front Office Executive-2-5yrs ( Preferably Male Candidates )



POSITION: Typically positions at Front office or Reception desk IPD

REPORTING TO: Works Under Supervision of Front Office manager IPD

JOB PURPOSE: Front office Executives are Face of the hospital, the primary role is to present the organization in the best possible manner. Responsible for Admission, Discharge related process


  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Basic conflict resolution skills
  • Computer operation skills and basic Mathematics
  • Good telephone etiquette

Roles & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  1. A Managing internal and external call and be able to transfer the same to concerned person.
  2. Is responsible for, each and every visitor’s query, which is related to hospital services and pricing.
  3. Providing him relevant information and brochures.
  4. Guiding and providing the information of patients admitted and procedure for visiting them.
  5. Guiding and providing directions to all facilities of the hospital like lifts, wash rooms, eatery, ICU.
  6. Patient admission through request slip, IP number allotment
  7. Patient informed of charges, room rent and package charges.
  8. Patient directed to TPA desk, incase patient is a medi-claim holder from TPAs, which are empanelled.
  9. Taking messages for senior authorities, in case concerned is not available.
  10. In case of planned admission, once patient is through with pre admission investigations, confirm admission date (as written by Consultant)
  11. Attendant visitor pass issued Once on decided date patient reports back, issue attendant/ visitor pass and inform nurse and ask GDA to escort patient to Nursing Station with pre-admission investigation reports.
  12. Admission records are updated
  13. Doing all the above activities manually in case HIS is down.
  14. Learning the HIS processes to the smoothest process level possible.
  15. Depositing cash, credit/ debit card payment slips, and credit letters from corporate to accounts department after his/ her shift is over.
  16. Patient billed for advance bill, after completing admission formalities.
  17. Receive payment from patient/attendant.
  18. Check-out slip issued to the patient
  19. Discharge Entry is made into the records
  20. Managing general queries and directing to concerned individual for specific queries.
  21. Providing assistance with available phone numbers and addresses of Blood Banks, Ambulance services, freezer boxes etc.,
  22. For providing the information on prerequisites for various lab and imaging test while giving the appointment.
  23. Updating the records maintained at front office every day

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]

Marketing Executives-2-5yrs,Qualification:MBA



POSITION: Primarily responsible for creating marketing programs that build their employer’s client base and encourage client retention.

REPORTING TO: Marketing Head

JOB PURPOSE: Marketing can be found across all industries, including healthcare. Healthcare marketing professionals, also called marketing managers, directors or coordinators, are responsible for developing and executing marketing plans for hospitals


  • Strong marketing skill and operating ability
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, organizational and project management skill
  • Integrate marketing, operations, personnel and financial initiatives.

Roles & Responsibilities of Pharmacist

  1. Manage an effective, efficient and productive Marketing Department by ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed.
  2. Assists to formulate the aggregate market developmental strategy as well as the market development goal
  3. Formulation and implementation of the market introduction plan creating standardized marketing practices and procedures, and specific advertising and plans to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  4. They are also typically responsible for planning marketing-related projects and managing external marketing partners and vendors.
  5. Increasing organizational awareness through marketing initiatives is another primary function of the director of healthcare marketing position.
  6. Through analyzing data and estimating demand for services, these professionals identify potential markets and devise plans to deliver the appropriate message.
  7. Additional aspects include creating and maintaining the organization’s brand, and devising brand strategies.
  8. These marketing professionals may interface with outside agencies to direct activities or supervise internal marketing staff, supporting them in their assigned duties.
  9. Provides Market feedback promptly
  10. Form informal networks with company senior management, updating them on a regular basis on developments within Marketing, and working with them on cross-functional projects.
  11. Ensure effective team communication throughout the marketing department through the application of suitable reporting systems and structures and the identification and provision of appropriate training.
  12. Financial management of the marketing programme including budget planning, resource allocation and preparation of quarterly reports.
  13. These managers plan programs and events that build relationships between healthcare personnel and patients, as well as position the medical center’s products and services favorably in the healthcare market.
  14. Other duties that fall under a healthcare marketing professional’s purview include designing hospital brochures, posting and editing content on the hospital’s website, and identifying specialty practices that or physicians who can help increase marketing value for the healthcare facility.

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]


Roles & Responsibilities of Dietician:

  • Will visit the causality every day morning to know the no. of night admissions.

  • Willmakerounds first round in the morning.

  • Will make second rounds in the afternoon.

  • Counsell each patient regarding their diet.

  • Monitor the critical patients every day and give diet charts to whomever necessary.

  • Submit the report to MS with the particular day counseling’s of occupancy.

  • Each and every patient is screened for nutritional assessment based on the condition and diet prescription will be mentioned in the case sheet .

  • Follow up of the patient is done based on the condition of the patient.

If, Interested please send the updated CV to the mentioned email ID’s: [email protected] & [email protected]